What does -gregious mean? Or -whelmed? Nicole Markotić talks with us about what happens when we remove prefixes from words and how fun language can be!


You can find her newest book of poetry, Whelmed, on Amazon.


The poems featured on the show today are “up” and “The Minotaur Dreams.”


#HarmonicaSegment: Think of a word that stood out to you today and write a poem about it!


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We’re super excited to have long-time listener, Owen Swain, with us on the show this week! For the last episode of our series on poetry for National Poetry Month, we’re going to be talking about haiku, words in art, and bicycles!



You can find Owen and his art on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/owen.w.swain!


Here’s one of the poems read on the show today! (note: Devo reference)




Writing some haikus of your own? Check out this syllable counter for handy hints on getting that perfect 5-7-5.


Today’s Harmonica Segment: tweet us your haiku @hardcoverradio!


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Today we’re talking with Louis Cabri about language, musicality, and humour in poetry!


You can check out the reading Louis mentioned, featuring Susan Holbrook and Nicole Markotic, on the event page!


Louis’s most recent collection of poetry, Posh Lust:



This episode features Louis reading his poem “Tasty… I mean — Tasty!”


Today’s Harmonica Segment: don’t forget about Poem in your Pocket day April 21st!


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Today we’re talking poetry with Windsor writer Mary Ann Mulhern!



Mary Ann Mulhern with Rob Stewart, Grant Monroe and Percy Hatfield in wonderful Biblioasis.


You can read more about Mary Ann and her work at Black Moss Press.


This week’s Harmonica Segment: write a poem based on a news headline and share with us @hardcoverradio!


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