This week we’re sitting down with Natalie Westfall and Brad Devine from Windsor band, Teenage Geese!



You can check out Teenage Geese on Facebook or on Bandcamp!


Don’t forget to check them out at the Fork and Cork Festival!



#harmonicasegment: what’s a song or band that wrecks you?


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Today, Zarasutra’s talking with us about songwriting!



You can find Zarasutra’s album Uncertain Assertions at Bandcamp. Keep your eyes open for her upcoming album!


Featured at the end of the episode is her song “6 A.M.”


Today’s harmonica segment: where’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled? Tweet us a few words about your experience @hardcoverradio!


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Today we’re sitting down with Travis Reitsma to talk about songwriting!



You can find his music on iTunes, Spotify, or through Diane Motel. Travis also co-hosts I Quit My Job, a podcast about songwriting!


Featured on this episode: “Little Train Hopper,” the first song we’ve recorded in our Hardcover studio!


Today’s harmonica segment: write a song! Bonus marks if it involves dinosaurs. You can tweet it to us @hardcoverradio!


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