This week, we’re talking about times when you just can’t get through a book, or any book for that matter!


Here’s Geoff Dyer’s essay on Reader’s Block.



Here’s an article in The Guardian about some ways to combat reader’s block.


Harmonica Segment: Read a book! Or don’t! Try not to read anything at all for a whole day. Or, you know, read something different to rekindle your love for reading. Any of those. Tweet us your experience with reader’s block @hardcoverradio.


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This week we’re thinking about universities and colleges! Where did higher education come from and what role does it play in today’s society? 


Would you like a degree in adventure?




For Windsor Students:

If you’re a student at the University of Windsor, check out the Events calendar or UWinsdsor facebook page for happenings on campus!

Lots happening in Windsor as well! From Riverside festivals to craft fairs to farmers’ markets you can find details on the Windsorite page!

All you need to know about MLA formatting for those English papers! The Writing Desk at the Leddy library has resources on all kinds of academic writing at the University.

If you’re an international student, check out the UWindsor International Students page!


CJAM lives in the basement of the University of Windsor. It’s great to be a part of a campus community! If you’d like to volunteer with radio programming, you can contact them through their website. ‘Cause community radio is awesome!




Some suggest that the campus novel is nearing retirement age. What do you think?



Today’s Harmonica Segment: What do you think about university? Relevant, necessary, pretentious, enriching? You can tweet your thoughts to us @hardcoverradio!


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