Here’s part two of our series on video games!

We know games use words to advance stories, plotlines, and to help immerse characters into the world that surrounds them. We look into a classic that told your story. A classic that we all died of dyssentery from. Of course, that game is Oregon Trail.


People still love that game because of its nostalgic factor. We examine nostalgia and how that affects our game experience. Is Oregon Trail really that good? Which Tomb Raider is better? Do we side with Ratchet & Clank for the PS2 or the re-make for the PS4?

We also cover heavily story based games, and focus on Oxenfree. Peter’s currently playing through Oxenfree on his Youtube channel. Link below!


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Today, Zarasutra’s talking with us about songwriting!



You can find Zarasutra’s album Uncertain Assertions at Bandcamp. Keep your eyes open for her upcoming album!


Featured at the end of the episode is her song “6 A.M.”


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