Today we’re talking about book clubs and some books we’ve been reading through our online book club!


An article from the Windsor Public Library about how book clubs have gone from being salons for the literary elite to open forums for public discussion.


Want to follow along with Mark Watney’s journey in The Martian? Here’s an interactive Mars map from NASA’s website!


Station Eleven is on CBC’s Canada Reads longlist for 2016!


Interested in audiobooks? Wil Wheaton narrates Ready Player One, our book for the month of January!


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Your Harmonica Segment: meet up with some friends to talk about books!


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Today, we’re wondering about all things space!



Announced today: liquid water on Mars!



Did you catch the lunar eclipse last night? Lots of cool night sky events coming up!

lunar eclipse


Did you know there’s a Doctor Who/ Star Trek cross-over comic?

who star trek


The Martian by Andy Weir is now a film! Released so close to NASA’s announcement about water on Mars…

the martian


Today’s Harmonica Segment: draw us a picture of space! Or tweet us what message you would send out into space!



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