Today, we’re talking about some of our favourite films and the writing that went into them!




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We’re continuing our series for Poetry Month with poet Faizal Deen! From academia to the archives, from his published collection to Star Wars, to his new collection of poems coming out this fall, our discussion takes us through many avenues of poetic inspiration and manifestation!



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Faizal and Sabrina



Faizal’s new collection of poetry will be available through Mawenzi House this fall!



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Today we’re geeking out with Dennis Bernard about all things Star Wars!


Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens opens this week! How could you not be excited!?



If on the other hand, you want to stay as far away as possible from anything remotely related to a galaxy far far away, check out BBC’s list of helpful tips.


Harmonica challenge: check out a Star Wars film. Heck, why not all 7?


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Today, we’re wondering about all things space!



Announced today: liquid water on Mars!



Did you catch the lunar eclipse last night? Lots of cool night sky events coming up!

lunar eclipse


Did you know there’s a Doctor Who/ Star Trek cross-over comic?

who star trek


The Martian by Andy Weir is now a film! Released so close to NASA’s announcement about water on Mars…

the martian


Today’s Harmonica Segment: draw us a picture of space! Or tweet us what message you would send out into space!



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Today we’re talking about storytelling in a few current and established video games!


Fallout 3 is a RPG involving 1950s aesthetic and themes in a post-apocalyptic American wasteland.


Fallout 4 is coming soon!


The Stanley Parable is game of one part frustrating and one part hilarious! Click on the red door to watch a trailer!



(Did you do it? If so, read A. If not, read B:

A: You watched the trailer, like I said. Very good. I can see we are going to get along splendidly. You can move on to the next paragraph.

B: You like to march to the beat of your own drum. But trust me, it’ll be a lot better if you click on the red door. Let’s try this again. Ahem! Click on the red door to watch the trailer.)

Ad infinitum 🙂



It’s a hard life, being the good Sith…


Star Wars: The Old Republic was developed by a Canadian branch of BioWare!



Check out the awesome song lists in Grand Theft Auto!




Playing the Game of Thrones Tell Tale Game. Kneel to the Lannisters? Or not? What do you choose?




A round of Gwent, anyone?




The hear more of ANALOG’s music, check out their Facebook page!




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Blog all about it! This week’s about the genre of blogging and how it’s become more than just a way to share your feelings online.


But before we get to that… MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!



Blogs, blogs everywhere! As of February 2014, 172 million Tumblr and 75.8 million WordPress blogs were available for worldwide viewing!


Check out the vlog brothers site where you can check out Hank and John Green’s video blog posts on everything from literature to video games to rants on current events – all in fluid conversational style.




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Today, we’re talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly of page to screen storytelling (and vice versa!)







It’s hard to fit everything from the book into the film…


…but I wish Tom Bombadil had gotten a cameo at least.


Check out John Green’s AMA on reddit, where he talks about everything from his new book to reddit gold.


Some adaptations deviate from the storyline completely, as the Game of Thrones series is doing (WARNING: Spoilers!)


Can you name all of these adaptations?



Hedwig’s Theme from the Harry Potter films, written by John Williams!


Are you excited for the new Star Wars trailer?


The original films inspired an entire subculture of Star Wars novels, graphic novels, and novelettes!


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