This week, we’re talking about times when you just can’t get through a book, or any book for that matter!


Here’s Geoff Dyer’s essay on Reader’s Block.



Here’s an article in The Guardian about some ways to combat reader’s block.


Harmonica Segment: Read a book! Or don’t! Try not to read anything at all for a whole day. Or, you know, read something different to rekindle your love for reading. Any of those. Tweet us your experience with reader’s block @hardcoverradio.


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Edit: /r/fatpeoplehate has been banned!

Today we’re talking about online forums, especially Reddit.


Reddit, in all its glory! “The front page of the Internet.”


C-51 recently passed into law. Is this a threat to Canadian free speech? Margaret Atwood thinks so.


Our featured poem is “The Hollow Men” by T.S. Eliot.


You can check out reddit’s creepy page here.

Or, you can learn about Creepypasta stories.


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