This week, we’re talking about times when you just can’t get through a book, or any book for that matter!


Here’s Geoff Dyer’s essay on Reader’s Block.



Here’s an article in The Guardian about some ways to combat reader’s block.


Harmonica Segment: Read a book! Or don’t! Try not to read anything at all for a whole day. Or, you know, read something different to rekindle your love for reading. Any of those. Tweet us your experience with reader’s block @hardcoverradio.


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Why reading?

Episode 20: When Reading (Book Etiquette)

No, WHY reading? As in, why do we read things? Why books, why do we read this blog post? Why do we focus on words?

Today we discuss why we read. AND.

It’s our 50th episode!


The result of a shameless Google Search for 50.

We’ve been doing Hardcover for about a year now and that’s crazy! SO many good interviews and topics, and no sign of stopping. Thanks for your support!

So. Why reading.

I believe we read because we have a story. And we want to tell that story. This theme is common with other authors as well. It’s certainly not a thought I invented, but I think it’s very important to who we are as people and how we view the world. Do we see a collection of stories or do we see one big story that we’re all contributing to? Maybe someone else’s story?

When you’re gone, the world is still going to have your story. Maybe that’s why we read. Because we’re keeping these stories going. Maybe it’s different for you. Let us know! Tell us your story.

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We attended a couple of readings this week and are bringing you the highlights!


The first reading we attended was hosted by Dr. Louis Cabri. Featured writers were:

Omar Kanawati, reading from a story set at sea…

Laryssa Brooks, performing her unsettling prose.

Jay Rankin, reading his Basho-inspired poetry.

Amilcar Nogueira, sharing some delightful wordplay.

Also featured at the reading was the university’s Writer-in-Residence, Madeline Sonik, and our very own Brittni Carey.


April 1st, the undergraduate were featured at the annual Creative Writing Gala, also held at the Green Bean Cafe (if you haven’t been, it’s quite wonderful!). Hardcover co-hosted the event with Dr. Susan Holbrook, Dr. Nicole Markotic, Dr. Louis Cabri, and Dr. Suzanne Matheson. The cafe was absolutely packed full of people listening to almost 50 students speak their prose and poetry; each reader had only two minutes to read, so it went quickly! Students also sold chapbooks of their amazing work. It was wonderful to be a part of this event!


You can listen to the full Gala recording here. Unfortunately, the sound quality isn’t as good as we would like to be, but the readers are amazing, so that makes up for it 🙂



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The song featured at the end of this episode is by the super talented and super fun Richard Garvey. You can view his CBC page, or his Facebook page to hear more!