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Welcome to Hardcover! This episode, we’re discussing poetry and interviewing local poet, Benny Alexander.


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In case you were wondering about our title:

rhyme scheme   n. the ordered patterning of end-rhymes in poetry or verse. (OED)

 As an example, here’s a breakdown of “Everything Is Free” by George Elliott Clarke.

(a) Wipe away tears,

(a) Set free your fears:

(b) Everything is free.

(b) Only the lonely

(b) Need much money:

(b) Everything is free.

(c) Don’t try to bind

(c) The love you find:

(b) Everyone is free.

(d) Your lover’s yours —

(d) Surrender force:

(b) Everyone is free.

(e) The sun melts down,

(e) Spreads gold around:

(b) Everything is free.

(f) The rain is spent

(f) Lending flowers scent:

(b) Everything is free.

(g) The love you live,

(g) The life you give:

(b) Everything is free.

*Lines ending with the same rhyme are labelled with the same letter. For example, “free” and “money” are both marked as (b).


Here’s some people and websites we talk about in the episode!


langston hughes

Langston Hughes (1902-1967):

Jazz poet, novelist, playwright, critic, essayist. A prominent figure of the Harlem Renaissance.

Check out one of his many poems:


Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen is one of the Canadian greats. Famous for his troubling of the sacred and the profane through sexual and religious imagery, Cohen’s lyrics are celebrated in tandem with his gravelly and raw musical accompaniment.


For current news, videos, and new projects by Leonard Cohen, here’s a link to his website:


Thanks, WikiHow!

and (brace yourself):


Marianne Moore (1887-1972) – Modernist poet



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“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words” – Robert Frost