This week we’re talking with Kayla Greenwell about poetry, reading, and mental health.



Kayla Greenwell is an English graduate student at Purdue. When she isn’t reading and writing academic texts until her fingers fall off, she is reading manga and playing overwatch. She currently lives outside of Chicago and her work has been published in second volume of This is Poetry: The Midwest Poets.



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Today, we’re talking about writing with André Narbonne! We’re also thrilled to feature readings from Twelve Miles to Midnight and You Were Here.


André’s short story collection, Twelve Miles to Midnight is shortlisted for the Danuta Gleed award!


You can find his recent poetry collection, You Were Here, through Flat Singles Press or locally at Biblioasis!


Today’s harmonica segment: write a poem about a childhood memory or experience. You can tweet us about it @hardcoverradio.


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We’re so excited to have Susan Holbrook on the show this week! Talking about everything from anagrams to what poetry is/ isn’t!



You can find her poetry collection, Throaty Wipes, through Coach House Books and Amazon.


Harmonica segment: Make a poem with shreds from a paper shredder! Tweet us what you find @hardcoverradio


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Brittni’s hosting this week, interviewing Windsor poet and mother, Vanessa Shields!


You can find Vanessa through her website or on Facebook.


Come out for a night of women sharing their passion and experiences about all things creative!


Today’s Harmonica Segment: Vanessa wrote a poem on demand! So cool! Here it is:


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And Amilcar Nogueira is back on Hardcover! This time we’re talking about Rogue One (minor spoilers), poetry, and arts grants!


Photo credit: Eveline Csomor


Here is a photo of our studio:



You can find Amilcar @amealcar. Keep a lookout for his upcoming chapbook and Windsor-based press!


Special thanks to the City of Windsor Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund (ACHF) for providing Amilcar with funding and for supporting artists in the Windsor area!



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What does -gregious mean? Or -whelmed? Nicole Markotić talks with us about what happens when we remove prefixes from words and how fun language can be!


You can find her newest book of poetry, Whelmed, on Amazon.


The poems featured on the show today are “up” and “The Minotaur Dreams.”


#HarmonicaSegment: Think of a word that stood out to you today and write a poem about it!


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Today we’re talking with Louis Cabri about language, musicality, and humour in poetry!


You can check out the reading Louis mentioned, featuring Susan Holbrook and Nicole Markotic, on the event page!


Louis’s most recent collection of poetry, Posh Lust:



This episode features Louis reading his poem “Tasty… I mean — Tasty!”


Today’s Harmonica Segment: don’t forget about Poem in your Pocket day April 21st!


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We’re continuing our series for Poetry Month with poet Faizal Deen! From academia to the archives, from his published collection to Star Wars, to his new collection of poems coming out this fall, our discussion takes us through many avenues of poetic inspiration and manifestation!



12969299_10154107533459579_721082858_n (1)

Faizal and Sabrina



Faizal’s new collection of poetry will be available through Mawenzi House this fall!



Harmonica Segment: we’d like to know if there’s been something you’ve read or found or seen lately that you’d like to write about! You can tweet us about it @hardcoverradio!



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We attended a couple of readings this week and are bringing you the highlights!


The first reading we attended was hosted by Dr. Louis Cabri. Featured writers were:

Omar Kanawati, reading from a story set at sea…

Laryssa Brooks, performing her unsettling prose.

Jay Rankin, reading his Basho-inspired poetry.

Amilcar Nogueira, sharing some delightful wordplay.

Also featured at the reading was the university’s Writer-in-Residence, Madeline Sonik, and our very own Brittni Carey.


April 1st, the undergraduate were featured at the annual Creative Writing Gala, also held at the Green Bean Cafe (if you haven’t been, it’s quite wonderful!). Hardcover co-hosted the event with Dr. Susan Holbrook, Dr. Nicole Markotic, Dr. Louis Cabri, and Dr. Suzanne Matheson. The cafe was absolutely packed full of people listening to almost 50 students speak their prose and poetry; each reader had only two minutes to read, so it went quickly! Students also sold chapbooks of their amazing work. It was wonderful to be a part of this event!


You can listen to the full Gala recording here. Unfortunately, the sound quality isn’t as good as we would like to be, but the readers are amazing, so that makes up for it 🙂



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The song featured at the end of this episode is by the super talented and super fun Richard Garvey. You can view his CBC page, or his Facebook page to hear more!

Welcome to Hardcover! This episode, we’re discussing poetry and interviewing local poet, Benny Alexander.


To hear the second half of Benny’s interview:


In case you were wondering about our title:

rhyme scheme   n. the ordered patterning of end-rhymes in poetry or verse. (OED)

 As an example, here’s a breakdown of “Everything Is Free” by George Elliott Clarke.

(a) Wipe away tears,

(a) Set free your fears:

(b) Everything is free.

(b) Only the lonely

(b) Need much money:

(b) Everything is free.

(c) Don’t try to bind

(c) The love you find:

(b) Everyone is free.

(d) Your lover’s yours —

(d) Surrender force:

(b) Everyone is free.

(e) The sun melts down,

(e) Spreads gold around:

(b) Everything is free.

(f) The rain is spent

(f) Lending flowers scent:

(b) Everything is free.

(g) The love you live,

(g) The life you give:

(b) Everything is free.

*Lines ending with the same rhyme are labelled with the same letter. For example, “free” and “money” are both marked as (b).


Here’s some people and websites we talk about in the episode!


langston hughes

Langston Hughes (1902-1967):

Jazz poet, novelist, playwright, critic, essayist. A prominent figure of the Harlem Renaissance.

Check out one of his many poems:


Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen is one of the Canadian greats. Famous for his troubling of the sacred and the profane through sexual and religious imagery, Cohen’s lyrics are celebrated in tandem with his gravelly and raw musical accompaniment.


For current news, videos, and new projects by Leonard Cohen, here’s a link to his website:


Thanks, WikiHow!

and (brace yourself):


Marianne Moore (1887-1972) – Modernist poet



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“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words” – Robert Frost