As Canada Day and the Fourth of July are just on the horizon, we thought we’d talk about fireworks, CanLit, and an exciting announcement by a well-known American author!


Fireworks are happening tonight (July 26th, 2017) on the Windsor/ Detroit waterfronts at 9:55 pm!


If you’re looking for a Canadian/ American read, check out The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America by Thomas King.


Turtles All the Way Down by John Green will be coming out October 10th!


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Video games! There’s a reason we play them, and a lot of it has to do with story…


This episode focuses mostly on Overwatch and RiME (but we talk about other games too!)


Our friend, Steve Saylor – who’s been a guest on Hardcover – is legally blind, and this is his experience with VR:


Today’s harmonica segment: what’s your favourite video game and why? (Or what’s your favourite game for each console?) Tweet us about it @hardcoverradio!


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Ahoy, matey! After a bit of a break, Hardcover’s back from our sea-faring adventures! This week’s episode: a well-known pirate adventure novel, goes by the name of Treasure Island, arr!


Eddie Izzard as Long John Silver in a 2012 adaptation of Treasure Island (actually produced by Sky 1, not the BBC as was said in the episode. Sorry, friends!). Definitely worth a view!



Oak Island on the east coast of Canada is the site of Captain Kidd’s legendary treasure. There is a map, but what it leads to exactly is still being discovered.



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Today we’re sitting down with Travis Reitsma to talk about songwriting!



You can find his music on iTunes, Spotify, or through Diane Motel. Travis also co-hosts I Quit My Job, a podcast about songwriting!


Featured on this episode: “Little Train Hopper,” the first song we’ve recorded in our Hardcover studio!


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What evil lurks within the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!

This week, we’re talking about radio dramas with Steve Saylor, a storyteller and digital producer who currently works in Toronto.


Steve produces podcasts, writes short fiction, performs comedy, and works as a New Broadcast Media Professor at Humber.  He recently produced an interview with Dee Snider of  Twisted Sister.



Many playwrights got their start on the BBC.

Caryl Churchill, a well-known political dramatist, started writing radio dramas in the 1960s.


Tom Stoppard got his start at the BBC as well, producing his first play for the BBC’s Just Before Midnight program. He recently wrote a radio drama, Dark Side, for the BBC to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s album Dark Side of the Moon.

The BBC continues to produce hundreds of radio dramas every year.



Garrison Keillor‘s film A Prairie Home Companion depicts the last episode of a radio show to represent the decline of radio drama/ variety programming in America.



Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman was recently adapted to radio drama. Neil Gaiman was excited for the project as it was able to use more special effects in a believable way than would have been possible onscreen.




For today’s Harmonica segment, consider listening to these old-time radio dramasWelcome to Night Vale or The Thrilling Adventure Hour!


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