We’re happy to have Janine Marley back with us to talk about theatre and her ongoing directing projects!


Coming up this weekend, Paper-Knife Theatre presents Runaway!


Don’t miss The Edge Productions show, The Boys in the Band!


Janine has also done work with Groundling Theatre Company in Toronto! You can read Janine’s reviews on the Stratford Festival Review page or on her theatre blog A View from the Box.


You can follow Janine on Twitter @thetheatregirl



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It’s time for another theatre episode with our expert, Janine Marley, M.A. Always lovely to have her on the show!13669389_10153599624376389_6829826904444166540_o


Be sure to check out Stratford, Paper-Knife Theatre, and Edge Productions. There is theatre happening all over the place this summer!


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Episode 70! In this episode we talk about social networks, what constitutes a social network, and the differences between them.

Sharing on social media has become a societal norm, but what about writing? How does this change the overarch of what writing can do? Should writing adapt to social media? What’s its role in social media?

We discussed Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, among others. But I really want to break down Twitter for a bit.

Twitter is unique in that it’s word focused and word driven, but at the same time not those things. I’ll explain.

Basically you’ve got Twitter, which in its essence is a forum to discuss new ideas or old ideas through words, limiting yourself to 140 characters. But is that limit a strength or a weakness?

I feel like one of the strengths of Twitter is to challenge us to evoke those emotions in one single tweet. WITHIN those 140 characters. And it’s hard. It’s not easy to do this “word economy” thing.

Tweets can be extremely powerful. As powerful as words allow. Whether it’s something like “Delete your account” or a report on a live even going on at that exact moment somewhere in the world, Twitter and its 140 word restriction is a really important one.


We talk about Facebook and Youtube in our episode, but I feel we didn’t Twitter the amount of time it deserves. So there it is. Time. That is deserves. For the others, be sure to listen to the episode and let us know what you think on Twitter!

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Today we’re talking with Joey Ouellette, writer in all mediums with an active role in the Windsor theatre scene!

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You can find Joey’s theatre group, Purple Theatre on Facebook!


His Red Detective series is available through Amazon!


Catch Joey in Paper-Knife Theatre’s One Act Festival July 8-10th!



#harmonicasegment: You’re off the hook this week – maybe try writing something in a genre you haven’t tried before!


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Our theatre expert Janine Marley (M.A.) is back with us this week to talk about medieval theatre, morality plays, and her upcoming production of Everyman!



Everyman is playing at Mackenzie Hall January 29th and 30th at 8:00 pm. For tickets or more information about Paper-Knife Theatre, you can visit their website!


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