Why reading?

Episode 20: When Reading (Book Etiquette)

No, WHY reading? As in, why do we read things? Why books, why do we read this blog post? Why do we focus on words?

Today we discuss why we read. AND.

It’s our 50th episode!


The result of a shameless Google Search for 50.

We’ve been doing Hardcover for about a year now and that’s crazy! SO many good interviews and topics, and no sign of stopping. Thanks for your support!

So. Why reading.

I believe we read because we have a story. And we want to tell that story. This theme is common with other authors as well. It’s certainly not a thought I invented, but I think it’s very important to who we are as people and how we view the world. Do we see a collection of stories or do we see one big story that we’re all contributing to? Maybe someone else’s story?

When you’re gone, the world is still going to have your story. Maybe that’s why we read. Because we’re keeping these stories going. Maybe it’s different for you. Let us know! Tell us your story.

Thanks for listening!