We are thrilled to have Owen Swain back on the show, this time talking with us about his newly published (colouring) book!



You can find #tourdesketch on Mirror World‘s website!


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News, news everywhere – but how much of it is fake? We’re talking about the trend of fake news, the declining trust in media, and how to think critically about where we’re getting our news from.


Here are the Gallup poll results on trust in media for 2016.


Check out this Maclean’s article on Canadians and fake news.


Check out Politifact and Snopes for some fact checking resources.


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What does -gregious mean? Or -whelmed? Nicole Markotić talks with us about what happens when we remove prefixes from words and how fun language can be!


You can find her newest book of poetry, Whelmed, on Amazon.


The poems featured on the show today are “up” and “The Minotaur Dreams.”


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Today, we’re talking about some of our favourite films and the writing that went into them!




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Today we’re sitting down with Windsor writer and content creator, Andrew Perciballi!



Here is the deity generator we used on the show today!


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Today, we’re interviewing Windsor author, Christopher Canniff!



You can find his book, Poor Man’s Galapagos, on Amazon or on his website.



Check out Christopher’s events on October 24th and November 1st. Visit his website for more information!


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P.S. – Just realized we never explained the title for today’s episode. “Twig” is in reference to the smaller branches of the Canadian Author’s Association.

J.K. Rowling’s magical series is the focus for today’s episode – and about time! We’ll discuss Harry Potter‘s impact on culture, the responses to Cursed Child, and whatever other mischief we get up to!


In spite of criticisms directed at Cursed Child, can you imagine a stage production set in the world of Harry Potter? Must have been absolutely fantastic to see!



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This week, we’re venturing into the world of advertising!


Here are some famous advertisements. Think about how they’re appealing to their target audience and how word and image work together.





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Where do expressions like “bite the bullet” and “jaywalk” come from? And why do we still use them today? This week, we’re looking at colloquialisms and sayings.

(Also, Peter hilariously yells at Siri)


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