This week we’re talking about documentaries and the stories they tell!


BBC’s two Planet Earth series, produced ten years apart, give us an insight as to what makes our life-covered world so awe-inspiring – and why it’s important to take care of it.



From bands to dinosaurs, documentaries cover a wide range of subjects. What are some of your favourites? Tweet them to us @hardcoverradio


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And Amilcar Nogueira is back on Hardcover! This time we’re talking about Rogue One (minor spoilers), poetry, and arts grants!


Photo credit: Eveline Csomor


Here is a photo of our studio:



You can find Amilcar @amealcar. Keep a lookout for his upcoming chapbook and Windsor-based press!


Special thanks to the City of Windsor Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund (ACHF) for providing Amilcar with funding and for supporting artists in the Windsor area!



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It’s hard to believe Hardcover’s been around for almost two years and we’ve never done a writing for television episode! We’re going to be talking about some of our favourite series from 2016 and look to what’s coming up in 2017!


Amazing how TV has developed in the past fifty years, from household sets with a few channels to online platforms like Netflix. What will TV be like for the next generation?



Harmonica Segment: what series blew your mind in 2016? You can tweet us about it @hardcoverradio!


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Very excited to be talking with self-published comic book writer, Jerry Wright, also known as 1H3RO!



Jerry’s first book, Infinite The Journey, can be found on his website. Be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on his future projects!


Harmonica Segment: writers out there! Where can we find online video content for writers and creators? Think about making a video or short post about writing and what it means to you!


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This week, we’re talking with Sharon Ledwith, a Windsor author who writes Young Adult time travel fiction!



You can find her series, The Last Timekeepers, through Amazon or Mirror World Publishing!


You can also find updates about her upcoming books on her Facebook page or her website!


Today’s harmonica segment: Follow your dreams! Tweet us about it @hardcoverradio


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This week, we’re talking about times when you just can’t get through a book, or any book for that matter!


Here’s Geoff Dyer’s essay on Reader’s Block.



Here’s an article in The Guardian about some ways to combat reader’s block.


Harmonica Segment: Read a book! Or don’t! Try not to read anything at all for a whole day. Or, you know, read something different to rekindle your love for reading. Any of those. Tweet us your experience with reader’s block @hardcoverradio.


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We are thrilled to have Owen Swain back on the show, this time talking with us about his newly published (colouring) book!



You can find #tourdesketch on Mirror World‘s website!


Check out Owen on Facebook!


Harmonica Segment: #tourdesketch a location in Windsor you’d like Owen to draw, or draw your own onsite sketch! You can tweet those to us @hardcoverradio!


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News, news everywhere – but how much of it is fake? We’re talking about the trend of fake news, the declining trust in media, and how to think critically about where we’re getting our news from.


Here are the Gallup poll results on trust in media for 2016.


Check out this Maclean’s article on Canadians and fake news.


Check out Politifact and Snopes for some fact checking resources.


Today’s Harmonica Segment: find a piece of fake news and don’t give it credence! Tweet your finds to us @hardcoverradio


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What does -gregious mean? Or -whelmed? Nicole Markotić talks with us about what happens when we remove prefixes from words and how fun language can be!


You can find her newest book of poetry, Whelmed, on Amazon.


The poems featured on the show today are “up” and “The Minotaur Dreams.”


#HarmonicaSegment: Think of a word that stood out to you today and write a poem about it!


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Today, we’re talking about some of our favourite films and the writing that went into them!




#harmonicasegment: what are some of your favourite movie moments? Comment below or tweet them to us @hardcoverradio!


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