This week we’re talking about amazing Canadians who are writing right now!


The book trailer for Patrick deWitt’s new novel, Undermajordomo Minor, reflects the dark and quirky humor of this take on the Gothic novel.



The Scotiabank Giller Prize long list just came out, and three books from Windsor publisher Biblioasis are on it!



Emily St. John Mandel’s novel, Station 11, considers the importance of art and culture in a post-apocalyptic Canadian landscape.



Your Harmonica challenge for this week is to read something Canadian and tweet us about it @hardcoverradio!


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This week we’re thinking about universities and colleges! Where did higher education come from and what role does it play in today’s society? 


Would you like a degree in adventure?




For Windsor Students:

If you’re a student at the University of Windsor, check out the Events calendar or UWinsdsor facebook page for happenings on campus!

Lots happening in Windsor as well! From Riverside festivals to craft fairs to farmers’ markets you can find details on the Windsorite page!

All you need to know about MLA formatting for those English papers! The Writing Desk at the Leddy library has resources on all kinds of academic writing at the University.

If you’re an international student, check out the UWindsor International Students page!


CJAM lives in the basement of the University of Windsor. It’s great to be a part of a campus community! If you’d like to volunteer with radio programming, you can contact them through their website. ‘Cause community radio is awesome!




Some suggest that the campus novel is nearing retirement age. What do you think?



Today’s Harmonica Segment: What do you think about university? Relevant, necessary, pretentious, enriching? You can tweet your thoughts to us @hardcoverradio!


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Very happy to have Alex Carruthers on the show this week talking to us about her role as the Digital Spaces Librarian at the Edmonton Public Library and her super cool archiving project!


You can visit Capital City Records’ website for free Canadian music!



Looking to self-publish? The Windsor Public Library has an Espresso Book Machine that is available for public use!



Today’s Harmonica Segment: Peter still can’t get over the fact he can borrow audiobooks through the Windsor library. What have you discovered at the library recently? You can tweet it to us @hardcoverradio!


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Welcoming back our theatre connoisseur, Janine Marley, this time to talk with us about theatre of the absurd!


Janine has a Master’s degree in English Literature and is directing a production of Jean Paul Sartre’s No Exit at the end of this week!


Opening night after party at the Dominion House (DH). Join the cast and crew for a celebration of Paper-Knife’s first production.


You can read the book Janine referenced, The Theatre of the Absurd by Martin Esslin, for more information about absurdist theatre and how it got started.


Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett is perhaps the most well-known absurdist play.

Full film version of Waiting for Godot, here:

Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen in the Broadway production (2014).


This play is being produced in Ireland, at The Lycem in Edinburgh, London, Brazil, all over the world…

The play also reads very well, if you aren’t able to find a current production to your liking.


The University of Windsor Players have produced two classic absurdist plays, but all before 1973: The Bald Soprano (1960-1961) and Waiting for Godot (1971-1972). Cool to have smaller collaborative groups carrying on the absurd act of theatre in the greater Windsor-Detroit area!


Today’s Harmonica Segment: find an absurd use for something in your house and tweet it to us @hardcoverradio!


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As part of CJAM’s Radio Brain Drain week of all things punk, we’re thinking about the subversive elements of music and print media in punk culture with some Velvet Underground thrown in!


Zines, zines, zines! Print media’s an outlet for expression, communication, and free ideas.



Here’s a template for putting together your very own punk zine! Spread the love, spread the anarchy:

make your own zine


Writers and artists of the past influenced the development of punk and the complexity of its anti-establishment ideology.



Patti Smith is a musician, poet, and playwright and is also known as the “godmother of punk.”



Lots of amazing punk music out there. For a list of Canadian punk bands, check out!


SLC Punk! celebrates and questions punk culture and what it means to participate in (unorganized) social rebellion.

slc punk 2


As for the Harmonica Segment… well, there is none. But you can tweet us your thoughts on punk culture, music, writing, whatever @hardcoverradio!


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What’s so special about the classics anyway? Today, we’re talking about some of the greats and what makes them great!


Who do you think of when you think of classic literature?



Check out The Guardian’s 100 top books! Are there any missing? Which ones do you disagree with?


Regina Spektor’s songs often involve literary or narrative aspects.



What are some of your frisson books? You can tweet them to us @hardcoverradio!


And here they are, The Beatles!

the beatles


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From bicycles to traveling drama troupes to harmless zombies, the post-apocalyptic narrative is full of more surprises than we would sometimes expect! This week, we’re exploring the post-apocalyptic with Brent Ryan Bellamy!


Brent Ryan Bellamy is a researcher and writer who specializes in post-apocalyptic literature.

BRB - Photo A



Found this article about bicycles and the apocalypse!




Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven!

station eleven



Check out “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula K. Le Guin


and “The Sense of an Ending” by Frank Kermode.



Brent highly recommends The Only Ones by Carola Dibbell.




Zone One by Coleson Whitehead is a novel that takes a unique approach to zombies.




Can you name all the members of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast?

next gen


Share your favourite post-apocalyptic work with us @hardcoverradio. Thanks for listening!


Get ready for the Nintendo nostalgia! From Zelda to recent release, Ark, we’re continuing our discussion of words in video game culture!



Have you played Paper Mario?



Jon Tron reviews a terribly hilarious video game, Zoo Race (***some profanity in this video, be warned!***)



Watch game play footage of Ark: Survival Evolved here!


Child of Light and Ori and the Blind Forest have some basic similarities:

Child-of-Light-3  ori


Here’s the full 25th Anniversary Zelda Soundtrack performed by full orchestra!


Share your favourite story about video games with us @hardcoverradio! Thanks for listening!


Today we’re talking about Young Adult fiction with Windsor author, Elizabeth J. M. Walker!



She Dreamed of Dragons is available through Windsor-based publisher, Mirror World.



Elizabeth’s short story, “The Sea Rider,” was recently published in Realms YA magazine!


Currently, Elizabeth is working on a wordless graphic novel with Australian artist Nicholas Beckett. Beckett has previously illustrated two of Elizabeth’s short stories, The Maze and The Boy Who Owned the Forestwhich are both published in zine format.

ejmw book


Find Elizabeth J. M. Walker on Facebook and Goodreads.


Or, you can meet Elizabeth at her upcoming book signing at Crafters Plus on July 25


Mirror World is organizing a Local Author and Artists Festival on Saturday, September 26 at the WFCU Centre. They are still looking for people to sign up: local authors, performing artists, or craft vendors. Check out their website for more information!


Today’s Harmonica Segment: tweet us your favourite YA or New Adult novel, or read one and tell us what you think about it @hardcoverradio


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Ever wondered how long it’s polite to borrow a book for? If you should write down your thoughts in the margins of a library book? Is it rude to read during a social soiree? Then this episode is for you, my friend: today we’re talking about the dos and don’ts of books!


Special thanks to Caroline Schleier Cutler for appearing on our show today!


The “When Reading…” segment of this episode was made up by text taken directly from Florence Hartley’s Book of Etiquette, originally published in 1860.

florence hartley






An alternative to dog-earring pages: use an origami crane instead!








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