Brittni Brinn

Brittni Brinn is a Master of Creative Writing and Literature. She studied English and Drama at Concordia University College of Alberta before moving to Windsor to pursue higher education. She received her Master’s degree in 2015, and is now writing a “serious” book.

Besides books, her interests include punk culture, songwriting, and cyborgs.

Peter Brinn

Peter Brinn graduated from Radio Broadcasting at Humber College in Toronto. He’s worked for three radio stations in Sarnia, ON before coming to Windsor.

His interest in all things words came early, and stuck with him throughout his life, mostly in the forms of talking (Hence the radio degree), and reading. Peter is always reading something, be in a book or a play, a comic, Reddit, etc.

Besides literature, Peter’s interests include music, computers and animals. And the ocean. The ocean is rad. It really ties the room together.

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