What’s the big deal about Dickens, anyway? Today we’re discussing this giant of Victorian Literature, one of the most influential English novelists of the 19th century.


Which one’s your favourite?



Which Dickens character are you most like? Take this quiz to find out (all in good fun!)


Today’s Harmonica Segment: which public figure would you most likely see in a Dickens novel?


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Footnotes (or are they endnotes??):

1  Although there is evidence that Dickens had seizures when he was young, it is unclear whether they continued into his adult life.

2  I must acknowledge my debt to Dr. Ruth Glancy, who first revealed to me the human depths of Dickens. Thank you for your stunning insights that continue to light my way through his Victorian prose.

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One comment on “Episode 54: What the Dickens? (Charles Dickens, that is)

  1. What a fun episode. However, I do blame you alone for the time I’ve now wasted watching hilarious Horrible Histories videos on youtube.