Peter Reads: The Girl With All The Gifts

September 18, 2015

I read “The Girl With All The Gifts” by M.R. Carey (Not related to Brittni Carey). People compared it to The Martian, or Stephen King, or Ender’s Game.

It wasn’t really like that.

Blank bookcover with clipping path

Basically, this book is a zombie book. Getting that out of the way, it’s about a kid, whom you discover is a zombie, and she’s housed at this military base, where they do experiments on them to find a cure. (So, it’s also post apocalyptic)

The book deals with the growth of a few characters and their interactions with Melanie, the zombie child. She’s more intelligent than some of the other zombies (They call them ‘hungries’ in this book) – And so you’re left wrestling with the idea of zombies being people or not.

I didn’t like that the main villain was often quite cartoonish in nature, it was slightly annoying.

I liked the premise of a zombie helping the protagonists while still being a zombie (She still wanted to eat them at times)

If this book came out maybe 6 years ago it would’ve been really good, I think, but there weren’t many new concepts or ideas presented here.

People praised the ending but I wasn’t very captivated with it. That said, the book was pretty well-paced and I didn’t glaze over parts.


There’s a movie coming out soon, which may be cool. But I’m kind of done with zombies. Max Brooks won the genre with ‘World War Z’. It’s time to move o to space, or, dinosaurs or something.

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