Peter Reads: Paper Towns (John Green)

July 25, 2015

I read Paper Towns as a precursor to our YA episode, but I’m publishing this now.


It was good. I really like how John Green writes.


I know John from the vlogbrothers on Youtube and also Crash Course. It’s actually only recently I found out he’d written a book, let alone The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns, and Looking for Alaska, all big hits in the YA world.


I like the writing because it’s so real. The humour is there. The jokes are there, the crudeness, the swearing, the immaturity (at one point one of the characters prides himself on how big his balls are) – but it really encapsulates what is it to be a teenager. The love is also there and it’s real as well.


Go into it knowing this: it is a love story. Don’t be fooled expecting something else. There IS something else, but there is also a love story.


Easy to read, I’ll read more John Green in the future for sure.


The movie came out yesterday! Go see it AFTER you read the book 😉

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