We’re talking about fiction and Windsor with local author Alexander Zelenyj!


Author of Songs for the Lost, Experiments At 3 Billion A.M., Ballads To The Burning Twins: The Complete Song Lyrics Of The Deathray Bradburys, and Black Sunshine.


Alexander’s most recent book, Songs for the Lost, is available through Eibonvale Press, your local Chapters, or at Juniper Books!


Check out excepts, releases, and other cool things Alexander’s working on at http://alexanderzelenyj.com/!


We’re going to leave you with a link to the entire Iron Maiden album this episode is named after. Thanks for listening!

Title: 'Early Years' DVD Images Artist: Iron Maiden Photographer: Ross Halfin Date: 01 October 2004 Copyright: Iron Maiden Holdings

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3 comments on “Episode 17: Piece of Mind (with Alexander Zelenyj)

  1. Will absolutely visit Roger at Juniper Books and pick up a copy of the latest. Enjoyed this episode very much. Thanks.

    P.S. read, A Canticle for Leibowitz for the first time about two years ago. (picked up at Juniper Books).

    P.P.S. Hardlober, wait, Hardcover is a ting, tang, arghhh, thang because of Peder… 😉

    • Brittni Jun 23, 2015

      Hooray Juniper Books! I may have to visit soon, my to-read pile is getting low. Any suggestions?

      P.P.S.: Ahahahah! Peder’s the best.