Read or Listen?

February 1, 2015

Is listening to an audiobook and reading that book the same thing?

Well, no, but..

I like audiobooks. I like listening to interpretation and I like listening to voices telling me a story. A lot of the time (read: not all the time) audiobooks are created with professionals who know a lot about how they want something to sound, or, how a character or scene should sound. Sometimes, the authors will read their own novels in an audiobook. I like that, too, as it’s the author telling you what they were thinking.

Here’s Khaled Hosseini reading his own book, The Kite Runner: Link

But reading. Reading is the thing, right? I mean, I even said “Well, no but” earlier. So yes. Reading with your face and eyes is important. It’s important to interpret words for yourself as well as having the freedom to paint inflection and characters the way you want to.

Can you do it in tandem? Yeah, actually pretty well. I recently read Fahrenheit 451 with the written book and an audiobook playing in tandem for a good chunk of it. It was great. But I did read the ending from just the book (Or, actually, the ebook on my phone)

Verdict? I like both. I still think reading words from a page with your eyeballs is the best. But I like both of the things.

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