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Episode 103: On the Beat (Crime Fiction with Edmond Gagnon)

This week, we’re talking with Windsor author, Edmond Gagnon! From crime fiction to travel fiction, this self-published author has a lot to say about the craft and how to promote yourself and your books!



You can find more about Edmond and his books on his website or his Facebook page!


Edmond’s newest book, Finding Hope, is about the Highway of Tears, a stretch of highway where thousands of women have gone missing.


Today’s harmonica segment: what do you think about crime shows or crime fiction? Send us a tweet @hardcoverradio!


Thanks for listening!

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Episode 101: Anagram (Poetry with Susan Holbrook)

We’re so excited to have Susan Holbrook on the show this week! Talking about everything from anagrams to what poetry is/ isn’t!   You can find her poetry collection, Throaty Wipes, through Coach House Books and Amazon.  ... Read More
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Episode 99: On Air (Radio with Carley Schweitzer)

For women’s week and for our 99th episode, we’re interviewing Carley Schweitzer, program director at CJAM 99.1 FM!   Check out Carley’s show Everything’s No Good!   Visit cjam.ca for information about upcoming events, a full program... Read More
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Episode 97: Graphic (Maus)

A comic that changed the way we think about the genre, Maus by Art Spiegelman is considered one of the most controversial as well as influential graphic novels.   Originally a serial released through Raw... Read More
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Episode 96: The Otter Hour

Ranging from YA fiction, to politics, to culture in general, this week’s episode is all over the place! We had a lot of fun talking about random things, and we hope you enjoy it!  ... Read More
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Episode 93: On Location (Documentaries)

This week we’re talking about documentaries and the stories they tell!   BBC’s two Planet Earth series, produced ten years apart, give us an insight as to what makes our life-covered world so awe-inspiring –... Read More