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Episode 93: On Location (Documentaries)

This week we’re talking about documentaries and the stories they tell!


BBC’s two Planet Earth series, produced ten years apart, give us an insight as to what makes our life-covered world so awe-inspiring – and why it’s important to take care of it.



From bands to dinosaurs, documentaries cover a wide range of subjects. What are some of your favourites? Tweet them to us @hardcoverradio


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Episode 91: Episodic (TV series)

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Episode 89: Tea Time! (Fiction with Sharon Ledwith)

This week, we’re talking with Sharon Ledwith, a Windsor author who writes Young Adult time travel fiction!   You can find her series, The Last Timekeepers, through Amazon or Mirror World Publishing!   You can... Read More
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Episode 84: On the Silver Screen (Writing for Film)

Today, we’re talking about some of our favourite films and the writing that went into them!     #harmonicasegment: what are some of your favourite movie moments? Comment below or tweet them to us @hardcoverradio!... Read More